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Welcome to Soulmates, the only fanlisting for James T. Kirk x Spock slash(?) fanfictions listed at the Fanlistings Network under the Fan works: Fanfiction: Relationships category.
To find out more about the first official slash couple ever, take a look at the extras.

If you're fan of the fanfictions about a love/sexual/erotic relationship between the Captain and the Commander of the renowned starship Enterprise, feel free to take a look around and then join.

Please note this fanlisting doesn't cover the close friendship or, more likely, the bromance (to say the least) between Kirk and Spock, but only their fictional love/erotic relationship.


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Last updated: 03rd October 2014
Open since: 16th November 2009
Adopted: 05th November 2011 from Saya.
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08 April 2014. Fixed the Stats style, which was always giving me browser and screen resolution issues. Now it should be fine.
05 November 2011. The fanlisting is finally online: thanks again to Saya for pass it to me. ♥


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Star Trek: Mr. Spock
Star Trek: Kirk/Spock

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