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Angelina Jolie (Los Angeles, 4 June 1975) is an American actress best know for her role in Girl, Interrupted (for which she got an Award), for playing gorgeous Lara Croft in Tomb Raider movies and the sexy killer in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
She's also starred in some music videos, including Rolling Stone's Anyboy seen my baby? and gave her husky voice for two animated movies (Shark's tale, Kung Fu Panda).
Beyond her actress job, Angelina is a UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Goodwill Ambassador and is affiliated to some Charity organizations, like Adopt A Minefield and Cambodian Vision and Development.
Despite this all, she's -unfortunately- known more for her gossip relationship with actor Brad Pitt. They seem happy together, and that's all that matters. And, by the way, aren't the gorgeous as couple? ^^) More?


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Why this fanlisting?

Angelina has been one of my favourite actresses since Gone in Sixty seconds, but the real love started when Tomb Raider hit the screen. I've never been really a fan of Lara Croft or her games, but I just found Angie's as Lara physically perfect. Then I somehow developed some kind of awe for her, to the point she's become the only girl I'd like to have sex with *erhmmm*.
Really, she's too much gorgeous and a wonderful person too, with her efforts with children and poor people.
When I saw the fanlisting open for application I sent in the apply just to try, absolutely sure I would never stand a chance... and when I received the approval mail I was really confused and requested the "Your list" mail because I was not convinced. -.-
I've to confess I'm still confused on why the staffers chose me, ehrm...
Anyway, Madda applied to, since Angie's her favourite actress, so I had no doubt about giving her the full co-ownership. ^^

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Skin 1, featuring the "panther" session I'm in love with.
For short time it has been used for Angie's physical listing, but I loved it too much for not including it here. Changed a bit. ^^


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