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Welcome to Fortune favours the bold, the only fanlisting for the 2004 movie Alexander, listed at the Fanlistings Network under the Movie category.
This criticized movie on the Alexander the Great life hit the screen in the late 2004, the script and the direction are from Oliver Stone, and it stars Colin Farrell (Alexander), Angelina Jolie (his mather Olympias), Val Kilmer (his father Philip), Jared Leto (his best friend/lover Hephaistion), Rosario Dawson (his first wife Roxanne) and Anthony Hopkins (the old Ptolemy) as main characters.
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08 April 2014. Fixed the Stats style, which was always giving me browser and screen resolution issues. Now it should be fine.
01 May 2011. While searching for Alexander room's images for a manip (don't ask), I remembered I had burned the vitual visits on the set somewhere on a CD. I found the files and uploaded to megaupload for your convenience. ^^
01 June 2010. Made some minor changes in the coding and CSS. I also added the roll hover image effect on the navigation: let me know if you happen to have some kind of problems with the navigation buttons!
02 January 2010. Happy New Year everybody! Oook, in December my lovely co-neuron Dragon Eyes made me an absolute wonderful gift by opening a fanlisting for me! *_* After a month (eeh -.-") I finally got my lazy bum to work and added the link here! Thank you again, my Wade! ♥

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